Being involved as an expert or as a body ?

As expert, we welcome new members that
are nominated through the 
national committee of their country of residence.

Experts are individuals, with specialized knowledge in a particular technical field. Each NC (National Committee) can appoint experts to take part in specific technical work through working groups, project teams or maintenance teams.

As a body, we welcome you through a new type of liaison as R-member

A Registered Member (R Member) provides the ability to represent an organization within the Systems Committees for the purpose of contributing to the Systems Committee development of projects, especially in sharing visions, market trends, high level needs, roadmaps.
An R Member is either an external organization (which is legally recognized), or a subset of it, or an IEC entity (e.g. TC, SC), examples include IEC TCs and SCs, UCAIug, SEPA, EPRI, NIST, or even a one-person corporation. In order for an R Member organization to be included in a Systems Committee it has to be recognized and approved by the P Members of the Systems Committee in question.
This R Member entity will have one (or more) formal representatives who will designate R Member experts who will join a “pool of experts” associated with the System Committee.

This new R-membership allows you to not only contribute to the building-up of the IEC system view, but as well to have your own inputs promoted as well through this channel.

If this way of working finds your interest, please formalize your request to the IEC System Committee Smart Energy secretary.

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