The IEC 61850 : a core pillar
of the Smart Grids set of standards

Positioning the IEC 61850 series over the SGAM shows how important is the IEC 61850 for supporting the Smart Grids

The IEC 61850 aims at meeting the automation requirement of the Transmission and Distribution domains of the Smart Grids, as well as Distributed Energy Resources and Bulk generation domains.

By extension it may as well serve the need of electro-intensive users such as the petrochemical industry.

It complements the CIM set of series (IEC 61970, IEC 61968 and IEC 62325) which serves the upper zones of this schema, .i.e the operation and entreprise levels of the concerned Smart grid stakeholders, typically the Electric Grid operation Utilities, energy-related service providers, Energy suppliers, …

Targeted scope

The IEC 61850 standard series and associated extensions looks at providing a high level of interoperability by design to meet the Power Utility automation domain requirements